Tuesday, June 14, 2011


The last two days have been lots of fun in the sun, and a little rain.  Since leaving Sottomarina, Chris and I leisurely trundled about 120 km through the Italian countryside.

Food and drink has played a considerable role in this part of the adventure.  It has been a great opportunity to get away from the tourist haunts and bad coffee to enjoy the smaller village cafes and bakeries.  Hmmm lots of pastries.  All of the locals and shop keepers have been very friendly, well as soon as they realise we are not German.  It must be Chris's blonde hair.
the food of gods (with very high cholesterol)
the old boy's club
Speaking of Chris, he has done his very best to assimilate into Italian culture and insists on having an 'Aperol' or 'Apritz' every afternoon.

hmmm orange turpentine, yummy!
The ride has mostly taken us along the rivers and levy banks in a meandering route towards Farrara.  Farrara is a beautiful renaissance town with a splash of medieval for good measure.

Medieval means not using cobbles but round rocks instead.  Now this is evil!

Tomorrow is back to the coast and on to Ravenna.

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