Sunday, June 5, 2011


Hi all,

Just arrived in Rome after the long flights and interchanges.  Overall the trip was hassle free and my greatest concerns of boredom were not realised.  I slept like a (big) baby for most of the Melb-Hong Kong flight.  Big thanks to Ben for excellent seat advice.  After the major shit fit I had during check with Qantas. I was sure that I was destined for the cargo hold.  Does someone else need to inform them that ground crew are clerks but with better tailored uniforms? Their attitude can be directed elsewhere I am sure.  Anyway it was a very cathartic experience.   I haven't lost my cool like that in public for a while…….  well not this week anyway.

After yelling at Qantas I received some 'reverse karma'  and got upgraded all the way to  London.  Yes Ben, I can see what the big deal is all about, but it has ruined me for the rest of my 'cattle class' existence!

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