Friday, June 10, 2011

Venice (updated)

Just arrived in Venice, enough time to get lost, find the Rialto bridge
and have some pasta and seafood with Peter, Liz and Chris Hall.

Hmmm a little glitch there as the photos did not appear.  Today was shopping in Venice.  Peter, Liz and Chris dutifully did the tour of churches while I got lost.  Lost on purpose I might add.  Words really to fail me to describe  Venice.  It is just such an amazing place and the contrast after a few days in Rome is breath taking.

well a man does have to eat

this is my next job, sorry Ramsay

they would never get away with that kind of parking in Rome

Rialto Bridge at night
I feel very guilty that I didn't take many pictures today, it just didn't occur to me as I soaked up the view and (probably) walked around with my mouth open.  Big change of pace tomorrow; on the bikes!!


  1. Omg I am so jealous. I can't wait to see photos of Venice. The Rialto Bridge! This is on my Ultimate Bucket List!

    All the pics and entries so far have been awesome though, Jody! You must be having a great time. This blog was a brilliant idea - I'm really enjoying reading the reading and dreaming. Have fun!

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