Sunday, June 5, 2011


First Day Roma

Staying up in the North Centre of Rome, a nice residential area with plenty of restaurante and a moderate walk to Old Rome.  Today was Sunday and the streets were packed, not just with tourists, but with many Italians.  After my breakfast I went for a stroll to my favourite sights;  Fontana Trevi , the Pantheon and Piazza Navona.   Hey Tash, I am just around the corner from Via Veneto.  This is the street they constantly use in the Italian language programs.  I finally have an answer to the question I have been asked a thousand times: Dove via Veneto? 

The Pantheon still blows my mind. You have to admire a culture that can maintain this ancient artefact in pristine condition.  It is the ultimate statement in recycling.  Similarly I also respect a people who entomb the lady who gave a us the definitive pizza  topping next to one of the greatest renaissance  artists; Queen Margareta and Raphael. 

Today was an absolute piazza sloth. It was great just to sit back and watch the world go by .  I did go for a walk up to the For a but it was packed and then started to rain.  I will head back there again on Tuesday when everything opens again.  Just walking the streets today was my sole objective.  

I am trying to best to meet Deni's gelato challenge.  Seriously, eating at least one gelato a day is no challenge at all.  I might need to add some other criteria to make it more interesting.  Any ideas?

This evening was Angus' 5th birthday.  I was able to skype in and view some of the presents he got.  I can't wait to play with the pirate lego! The big Space party was last week   and what an extravaganza it was.  I think that Jenni has completely surpassed all expectations and I am fearful of what lie in store for next year.  There is no way that Milly will settle for second best!  Happy Birthday to my best boy!

Tomorrow I am headed for the shopping precinct and going to mooch around before going out to Pazza del Popolo and a walk along the river. I really want to hire a bike but Rome traffic is way too troppo. 

Tomorrow afternoon Peter (and Liz?) arrive so that will be fun.  Lui e pazzo vecchio!


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  1. Ridiculously jealous. Especially the gelato bit. Enjoy x